Friday, March 7, 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire Molly!

Last Saturday was the 18th birthday of the daughter of another of my coworkers. She's a fifth-year French student, a figure skater, and she loves her cat named Kirby. Her birthday had a Paris theme, and I suggested doing something other than the Eiffel Tower for the cake, since the E.T. would be prominent in the party's decor.

So, with all her "likes", and only a pair of photos, this is what I designed. The famed Paris cafe, Le Procope, is the backdrop for the topper. Molly is seated at a wrought iron bistro table with coffee and croissants. She's wearing her skate club jacket (no logo, since it was hidden by the chair's back), with her name on the breast of the jacket. it's the SMALLEST wording I've ever painted on anything! OY! Her beloved Kirby, wearing a yellow beret, sits under the table (presumably waiting for crumbs, or for a mouse to wander by..). And of course, Molly's skates, complete with lime-green fuzzy 'soakers' are within arm's reach, too.

The party was a fun one to help with, and the cake was a huge success!

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