Friday, March 14, 2008

Sugar...the Final Frontier

Ok, so I'm fully embracing my "geek" status with this post. Bear with me, please!

I'm a long-standing fan of most things Star Trek related. I know, I know...DORK!

I've collected memorabilia since the early 80's, and love to read many things about Gene Roddenberry's utopian view of the 23rd century and beyond. I'm amazed at the depth of detail the creators/writers gave to the Trek universe. After all this time, it's still....umm...fascinating!

I also love the look/feel/design of the shows and movies. So much so, that when Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan came out in 1982, I fell in love with the uniforms. How slick! I had one built in 1988, by a costumer from the Eugene Opera company. It was a hellish, expensive project. But the result was well-worth it.

Jump ahead to recent times...Deep Space Nine is my favorite show of all the series, and when Star Trek: First Contact premiered, with new uniforms again, DS9's uniforms were updated to those soon after. THAT uniform I really love.

Sooo....I've decided to create a sugarpaste self-portrait of sorts. It will be me wearing the newer uniform, pictured here
And the figure will be sitting in the captain's chair, of the Enterprise-E, pictured here

I've already done a first 'run-through' of the figure in the uniform. It was not what I'd hoped for... BUT, having learned a lot in the process, I can now procede with more confidence.
On that note...I'm going to get back to it. I'll keep you posted as to how this progresses.

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